Definitive List for Home Savings and Loan artwork, Savings of America artwork, and the Millard Sheets Studio public projects

A Definitive List for Home Savings and Loan artwork,
Savings of America artwork, and the Millard Sheets Studio public projects

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All non-Home Savings public art projects by the Sheets Studio. Click here for the interactive version:
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At long last, I have been able to update, add to, revise, refine, and improve this Definitive List.

I have found 159 Sheets Studio projects intended for public places other than Home Savings locations, and 168 Home Savings locations with Sheets Studio artwork. Each set now has its own map; if you access them from a mobile device, the BatchGeo website can tell you which ones are near.

Below is the master spreadsheet of all the locations, sorted by firm and then state and city. They include the subjects of the artwork, where I know them, and the names of the artists who worked on these projects.

But the accounting, though more complete than ever before, can still use your help–if you are near these locations and can let me know what is preserved, what is threatened, and what has been destroyed, that will help the owners of these properties understand their role in the legacy of art and architecture from the Sheets Studio, and help communities preserve these works.


Firm Address City State Art Construction Date Status Date Last Seen Subject(s) Worked On By Archival Records
“The Springs” restaurant Palm Springs CA 1956 three ceramic tile panels
Ahmanson Center 3731Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 1972 Wilshire Colonnade 2014 mural, sculptures Millard, John Edward Svenson, Frank Homolka Sheets Papers
Ahmanson Guest house 401 South Hudson Los Angeles CA 1965 lazy susan Denis Sheets Papers
Ahmanson house 401 South Hudson Los Angeles CA 1965 4 mosaic table tops Denis, Jessica Meston Sheets Papers
Ahmanson Memorial Forest Lawn Mortuary Glendale CA 1968 extant plantings Francis Lis Sheets Papers
Ahmanson Trust and Savings 9145 Wilshire Blvd. (at Oakhurst) Beverly Hills CA 1958-1960 First Bank; partialy visible 2014 mosaics, stained glass, grille; statue/fountain Millard, S David Underwood, Sue, Albert Stewart, Betty Davenport Ford, Melvin Wood, Rupert Deese, Jean and Arthur Ames Sheets Papers
Ahmanson Trust and Savings 3701 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 1972 Pacific City Bank 2014
Air Cadet air school 93291 Visalia CA 1941 Sequoia Field
Air Cadet air school St. Louis MO 1941
American Trust Company 1011 Tenth St Sacramento CA 1954 vacant Google StreetView panels, small sculpted work? Millard
Bank of America murals (Paul Williams architect) 350 Pine Avenue Long Beach CA 1967 vacant Google StreetView portrait of Long Beach, ship, flag, storefronts Millard, Ben Mayer; Paul Revere Williams Sheets Papers
Bank of America murals (Paul Williams architect) 6551 Van Nuys Van Nuys CA 1965 extant portrait of community: rockets, drilling, freeway, house Millard, Paul Revere Williams Sheets Papers
Bankers Life Insurance Company 5900 O St Lincoln NE 1965
Bankers Life Insurance Company 5900 O Street Lincoln NE before 1965 Ameritas Life mural and mosaic
Bankers National Life Insurance Company Cincinnati OH 1960 interior mosaic
Berry Construction Company contracts Ontario CA 1969
Beverly Hills Hotel 9641 Sunset Blvd Beverly Hills CA mural in main lobby: Ranchos of LA County, from Title Insurance map
Beverly Hills Hotel 9641 Sunset Blvd Beverly Hills CA 1948 over fireplace Sheets Papers
Beverly Hills Tennis Club 340 North Maple Drive Beverly Hills CA not there, if ever 2014 (date and specifics unknown)
Beverly Wilshire Hotel mural 9500 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 1974 removed 1987 and reinstalled 2013 on City of Beverly Hills parking garage 2014 mural: men on horseback, up Camino Real; women; map Millard, Nancy, Denis; Gordon Aynes photos Sheets Papers
Bob’s Restaurant N. Central Avenue and E. Thomas Road Phoenix AZ ceramic tiles on exterior demolished
Buffums’ Department Store Pine and Broadway Long Beach CA 1961 three murals and mosaic floor insignia for Palomares Room restaurant, depicting local Spanish history Millard Sheets Papers
Buffums’ Department Store East 2nd St anchoring mall Pomona CA 1962 removed but extant mural, Spanish Days in Pomona Valley; sculptures; bronze heron Stewart Millard, Sue, Tom Van Sant, Albert Stewart; Welton Becket architect Sheets Papers
Bullock’s Men’s Store 640 S Hill St Los Angeles CA 1934 covered then uncovered in 1975; then removed, section in LA Natural History Museum Modern World Millard
Burbank 840 North San Fernando Boulevard Burbank CA 2-Jun-60 Chase; partialy visible Nov-06 statues, mosaic, hidden mural Millard, Denis, Sue, S DavidUnderwood Sheets Papers
Cabrini High School North Hollywood CA 1976 Mother Cabrini
Cal Aero school 91761 Ontario CA 1941 Ontario International Airport Millard
California Credit Union 2350 South Garey Avenue Pomona CA Sue
California Masonic Memorial Temple 1111 California St San Francisco CA 1971 Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium auditorium,east wall; not Sheets: mosaic – Masonic themes Sheets Papers
California Scottish Rite Memorial Temple  2850 19th Avenue San Francisco CA extant paintings for temple, and office at 233 Van Ness Ave? Millard; Robert Roller architect Sheets Papers
Capitol Mall Project Redevelopment Agency of the City of Sacramento Sacramento CA never built plaza planned Millard, Edward Durrell Stone, Rufus Sheets Papers
Carnation Company 5045 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles CA 1965 demolished painted mural Sheets Papers
Carnation Company offices Hollywood CA 1949 Sheets Papers
Carson City Mall 1227 South Carson Street Carson City NV 1968 Sheets Papers
Central California Federal Savings & Loan Association ?address Auburn CA 1969 Sheets Papers
Charles E. Maedgen Jr. Memorial Surgical Waiting Room, Methodist Hospital 19th St Lubbock TX Fall 1974 mosaic panels (happy maid), Sheets watercolor, and French tapestry, SLH painting of children; grille; head of Maedgen Millard, Sue, Richard Ellis, Paul Herchler, Nancy; Mategot w Aubusson; David Sheets and Cal Marguiles furniture Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Children’s Home Society of California 4th and Bixel Los Angeles CA 1965 ? Remodel of the Clay Products design? Sheets Papers
Church of the Brethren 2425 E Street La Verne CA 1964 Sheets Papers
Coco Palms Resort Hotel Wailua Beach Lihue/Kapaa, Kauai HI 1968 there, damaged by hurricane 2 murals in Flame Room   — The Races of Hawaii and From the Advent of the Missionaries Millard; Interpace Sheets Papers
Community Memorial Hospital of San Buenaventura 147 North Brent Street Ventura CA 1974 there, being restored 2014 “A Child’s Discovery of Nature” and “A Child’s Dream” – “The child is unseparated. Children are at one with all that lives and they discover and recognize the wonder and beauty of life within and without at the same time, being kin to all of nature in the exquisite and infinite now.” – mosaic in front on panels then courtyyard – ocean and mermaid; tables? Millard, Denis, Nancy, Martha Underwood, Brian; Sue, Tina Sheets Papers
County Seal County of Los Angeles CA 1967 ship, goddess cross, etc. Sheets Papers
Crow’s Nest Camp Bohemian Club San Francisco CA plans for a camp remodel/addition; not followed? Millard Sheets Papers
Cupertino Stevens Creek Blvd at at Bandley Cupertino CA never built? Sheets Papers
Dallas Continental Building 1807 Commerce St Dallas TX 1959 exterior renovation to building next to the new one in 1958. shorter, originally built 1943; eventual 8 stories. 3-d sculpture and mosaic Millard, Albert Stewart, Giulio Padoan? Seems Ravenna Mosaic Company: Emil Frei
Detroit Public Library 5287 Cass Ave Detroit MI Detroit MI
Disneyland Tomorrowland Anaheim CA 1970 hidden Millard, Interpace
Dr Leo Madlem Pomona CA Sue
Eagle Field 11100 West Eagle Avenue Dos Palos CA 1941 extant Millard
East Texas Savings and Loan Tyler TX
Expo `74 Commemorative Medallions North Hollywood CA 1974 Sheets Papers
First Church of Christ Scientist 1700 Franklin Street San Francisco CA ? Sheets Papers
First Federal Savings and Loan Dallas TX 1959 in one of the above mural Millard, S David Underwood
Fred Roberts and Bay Area Finance 1621 Wilshire Santa Monica CA 1957 extant; Continental Shop/ Nawab of India 2014 architecture, mosaic Sheets, Underwood
Fulton National Bank of Atlanta 55 Marietta Street Atlanta GA 1967 Sheets Papers
Garner Field 301 Airport Blvd Uvalde TX 1941 Southwest Texas Junior College
Garrison Theater 1030 North Columbia Avenue Claremont CA 12/9/63 extant 2014 mosaics; tapestries Millard, Jean and Arthur Ames, S David Underwood Sheets Papers
Gibbs Field 79735 Fort Stockton TX 1942 Fort Stockton–Pecos County Airport
Golden Gate International Exposition Treasure Island San Francisco CA 1939 demolished murals Millard
Goodwill Industries of Southern California 342 San Fernando Rd Los Angeles CA 1975 extant 2012 stained glass windows for chapel Millard, Sue, John Wallis, Helen Wallis Sheets Papers
Griswold’s Old School House 91711 Claremont CA 1972 Sheets Papers
Guaranty Savings and Loan 270 E 18th St Oakland CA 1956 Chase remodel Millard, David Underwood
Guaranty Savings and Loan 2400 Broadway Redwood City CA 1957 Chase; painted over as of May 2011 2011 mural, sculptures Millard, Albert Stewart, Dave Underwood Sheets Papers
Guaranty Savings and Loan 200 Stockton St San Francisco CA 1957 removed; Gucci store Google StreetView mosaic Millard, David Underwood
Hallet Development Corp. Claremont CA 1966 Claremont project Sheets Papers
Hearthstone Insurance Company of Massachusetts Brookline MA Sheets Papers
Hilton Rainbow Tower Hilton Hawaiian Village Honolulu HI 1968 extant, restored ceramic tile mosaic – rainbow Millard; Interpace Sheets Papers
Hollywood Park Race Track 1050 S. Prairie Ave Inglewood CA 1970 threatened by Hollywood Park closure 2013 “Native Diver” memorial and Hollywood Turf Club Sheets Papers
Home Savings 401 East Valley Boulevard Alhambra CA 1978 Chase Google StreetView mosaic Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 101 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim CA 12/9/70 Chase; visible; part of CSU Fullerton exhibit Google StreetView George Hanson, fire department founder, Madame Madjeska, Polish actress; German winemakers; orange picking, sheep raising, walnut, grapes; old church, old hotel, old home <I stayed within this period because anything since World War II which has happened to Anaheim has happened to virtually every part of Southern California.> ; window 1875 street scene <found in our research in the Anaheim Library, which proved to be a gold mine of information beyond most city historical data that we have found in comparable size cities.> ; fountain Svenson <gay movement of the three dolphins, one of which is ridden by a young girl.> Millard, Denis, Sue, Nancy, John Wallis, Dave Underwood, John Edward Svenson Sheets Papers
Home Savings 211 E Center St near City Hall Anaheim CA seems 1956
Home Savings 118 E Huntington Drive near First Arcadia CA May-05
Home Savings 60 East Huntington Drive (at First Ave.) Arcadia CA 1960 Chase 2014 mosaic; statues; stained glass; remodel Millard, S David Underwood; Ravenna Mosaic Company Sheets Papers 1956 May 18. A well-dressed man and a woman wearing dark glasses, both armed, rob the Home Savings and Loan branch in Arcadia. The pair herded a dozen employees in the escrow department and left with $3,779. The pair fled the scene in a stolen 1952 hardtop convertible. (“Bandit Pair Robs Savings Group,” Los Angeles Examiner, May 19, 1956. Clipping in Home Clippings File, 1956. Fieldstead Archives.)
Home Savings 1291 East Main Street Barstow CA 1978 Chase Google StreetView mosaic, owls Millard, Denis, Sue,   John Edward Svenson, Brian, Tina, John Sheets, Tony Sheets Sheets Papers
Home Savings 834 E Williams St Barstow CA art?
Home Savings 2150 Shattuck Avenue (at Center) Berkeley CA 1977 Chase 2013 Sheets Papers
Home Savings 9235 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 1955 griffin and shield
Home Savings 9245 Wilshire Blvd. (at Maple Drive) Beverly Hills CA Jun-56 Chase; partialy visible 2014 mosaic, painted mural, sculpture, stained glass elements of original brochure –photoed stained glass: John Wallis, Margaret Montgomery, Millard; Leonard Carriere; chandeliers Sheets and Woodruff-Wagner; lion Jean Ames, enamel Arthur Ames; fireplace and Tartar mailbox Joseph Martinek; sculpture Renzo Fenci cast in Florence; architects Sheets, Cuneen Co of Phila; seal by Martinek from design by Sheets, Gladding produce; mosaic by Millard, Ronald Gerber, J.E. (likely James Edgar) Michalski //so not made in Italy?//;photoed Sheets Papers
Home Savings 6311 Manchester Blvd near Grand Buena Park CA art?
Home Savings 7964 Beach Blvd. Buena Park CA 1978 Chase 2012 mosaic – train, Indian chief Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude, Frank Homolka, Alba, Brian, Larry Ross, Melissa Grossman Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 8010 Beach Blvd Buena Park CA 1960 clothing store; interior gutted; no sculpture 2012 sculpture; mosaic – milkmaids Millard, S David Underwood none?
Home Savings 130 E Olive Ave near San Fernando Blvd Burbank CA art?
Home Savings 840 North San Fernando Boulevard Burbank CA Sep-64 Chase; some hidden Millard, Denis, Sue, S DavidUnderwood
Home Savings 1990 41st Avenue Capitola CA 1985 Chase Google StreetView floating flower floats Denis, Sue, Alba, Jill, Darin, Maritita, Katie shipping, Inde O’Connor
Home Savings 444 Third St (at Roosevelt) 92010 Chula Vista CA 1987 California Bank & Trust Google Street View ocean waves and seagulls Denis, Monika Scharff; Italian?; Kathryn Yelsa O’Connor
Home Savings 102 S. Long Beach Blvd Compton CA ?
Home Savings 1801 N. Long Beach Blvd at Golden Compton CA 1958; 1979 repair now a stereo shop; epoxy over the murals is deteriorating and flaking off — threatened! 2012 mosaic, sculpture Millard, Sue, Larry Ross, Alba; S David Underwood; Tom Van Sant Sheets Papers approval in 1957 by state (Abrahamson); (“Home Savings in 2 New Openings,” Los Angeles Times, October 29, 1958), 25.)
Home Savings 925 Orange Avenue Coronado CA 1985 vacant; art visible 2011 Coronado ferry Denis, Sue O’Connor
Home Savings 20673 Stevens Creek Blvd at Bandley Cupertino CA 1976 Chase
Home Savings 2800 Junipero Serra Boulevard Daly City CA 1989 Chase 2013 mural John? Wehrle
Home Savings 8450 Firestone Blvd Downey CA Aug-82 Chase Google StreetView mosaic: cornfield and planets O’Connor
Home Savings 17107 Ventura Blvd. (at Amestoy Ave.) Encino CA 1958; 1977 remodel Chase; partialy visible 2013 mosaic, stained glass, statues, mural Millard, S David Underwood; Denis, Sue, Frank Homolka, John Wallis, Betty Davenport Ford, vault Sue, Allba, Millard, Denis, Brian, Michelle, Grille Tony Sheets Sheets Papers; and O’Connor Savings Firm Opens 2 Offices,” Los Angeles Times, January 3, 1960, F6
Home Savings 38980 Fremont Blvd Fremont CA 1976-1977 Chase Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude, Katie, Brian, Michelle, Alba, Frank Homolka Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 1210 N Blackstone Ave Fresno CA 1976 demolished Millard, Denis, Brian Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 11922 Brookhurst St. at Chapman Garden Grove CA 1961; 1973-4 remodel Chase Google StreetView mosaic-farming with sun Millard, Ravenna Mosaic Company, S David Underwood; Nancy, Sue, Tony Sheets, Brian, Larry Ross; Robert Clements Sheets Papers
Home Savings 9836 Garden Grove Blvd in Garden Sqaure Garden Grove CA art?
Home Savings 115 S Central Ave at Broadway Glendale CA art?
Home Savings 620 N Brand Blvd Glendale CA
Home Savings 105 N Cawston Ave (also 25925 Cawston Ave?) Hemet CA 1982 Chase mosaic Millard, Denis O’Connor
Home Savings n/a Hesperia CA cancelled cancelled O’Connor
Home Savings 5700 North Figueroa St. (at Avenue 57) Highland Park CA 1964 prints; 1973 Chase; part of mural cut by ATM shelter mosaic – children in park; framed prints Millard, Denis, Sue, Nancy, Gordon Aynes; part of Homolka remodel Sheets Papers
Home Savings 1500 N. Vine St. at Sunset Blvd. Hollywood CA 1967-1968 Chase painted mural; back mosaic; front mosaic: Hollywood 1903-1966 including Bernhardt, Cooper, Garbo, Valentino, Pickford, Clara Bow, Barrymore, Costello, March, Fairbanks, Nanook, Chaplin, Bette Davis; <The Chase in Movies> stained glass – Keystone Cops; Cowboys and Indians; cops and robbers; Marx Brothers ; mosaic around safe Millard, Denis, Sue, Nancy, John Sheets, Tony Sheets, John Wallis, Paul Manship Sheets Papers
Home Savings 7051 Hollywood Blvd at Sycamore Hollywood CA art?
Home Savings 16400 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach CA 1979 Bank of America; everything removed 2012 wall hangings Millard, Sue, Frank Homolka, Alba; Denis, Brian, Katie installation Sheets Papers
Home Savings 2616 E Florence Ave Huntington Park CA N ?
Home Savings 7141 Pacific Blvd at Florence Huntington Park CA 1975 Chase mosaic and mural, hangings Millard, Denis, Sue, Emily Symington, Brian, Tina, Frank Homolka, Mimi Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 4920 Rivergrade Road Irwindale CA vacant mosaics Astrid Preston, Richard Haas Astrid Preston
Home Savings 749 Foothill Blv La Cañada Flintridge CA 1990 Chase 2010 mosaic in frame – Descanso Gardens Denis, Sue O’Connor
Home Savings 5300 Jackson Dr La Mesa CA 1976 extant; school 2010 mosaic – friars and vaqueros Millard, Denis, Sue Sheets Papers
Home Savings 15128 E Rosecrans Ae nr La Mirada Blvd, east of Luitwieler La Mirada CA July 1977 and May 1978 Chase front and rear mosaics; stained glass; painted mural; mosaic; statue: <family group>; stained glass: <children swing in trees>; mural <back yard> Millard, S David Underwood,   Denis, Sue, Brian, Jude, John Wallis; Bruce Litz, Alba Cisneros, :arry Ross, Frank Homolka; install by Alba, Brian, Richard Maxham, DOC Schock Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 23861 El Toro Rd Laguna Hills / Lake Forest CA 1979 Chase; art removed painted mural Millard, Sue, Jude, Katie Boesen, Brian, Larry, Alba, Drew Carriage
Home Savings 4909 Lakewood Blvd Lakewood CA 1960, then 1975 Chase Google StreetView vault mosaic – birds and leaves, exterior mosaic, planter mosaic – fish and weeds; sculpture; tables Millard, Denis, Sue, Brian, John Edward Svenson, Frank Homolka, Tina, Debbie, Richard Ellis Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 5022 Faculty Ave in Lakewood Center Lakewood CA N destroyed for other branch?
Home Savings 1140 West Avenue K Lancaster CA 1987 Chase 2012 mosaic; shuttle Denis, Sue; Anita Tita Thomas; Studio MosaicArt Colledani Milan/NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 201 East First St at Locust Long Beach CA 1957
Home Savings 249 E Ocean Blvd, Suite 500 Long Beach CA 1980 International City Bank; mural hidden painted mural, mosaic <Indians among cotton woods [Los Alamitos], Rancho Los Nietos, Los Cerritos, Los Alamitos horse race from Signal Hill to the sea, ships in harbor – Spanish to present day, Resort activities, oil>, Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude, Brian, Charles North, Alba, Frank Homolka Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 1888 Century Park East Los Angeles CA July 1 1977 opening First Republic; no sign of artwork 2012 none Sheets Papers
Home Savings 3731 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 1976 Chase mural, sculptures Millard, John Edward Svenson, Frank Homolka Sheets Papers
Home Savings 3750 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA
Home Savings 5717 S Vermont Ave at Slauson Los Angeles CA 1972 Chase branch, art destroyed 1992 2012 sculpture Vertis Hayes
Home Savings 654 S Figueroa Los Angeles CA 1986 Home Savings Tower / Metro station tile mosaic inside; stained glass; painted mural Richard Haas; Joyce Kosloff; Patsy Norvell; Terry Schoonhoven
Home Savings 660 S Figueroa (later 654) Los Angeles CA 1974 then 1988 removed to make way for Home Savings Tower 1987 mosaics in frames (now in Irwindale) Millard, Denis Sheets Papers
Home Savings 761 Broadway at 8th Los Angeles CA 1957 no longer there? closed after 1969 and before 1986 Millard, S David Underwood
Home Savings 800 S Spring Street Los Angeles CA N
Home Savings 650 Santa Cruz Ave Menlo Park CA 1973 Chase; art not visible 2011 sculpture? Millard, Betty Davenport Ford Sheets Papers
Home Savings 2201 W Beverly Blvd. (at Wilcox Ave.) Montebello CA 1974 PIH Health 2014 mosaic, stained glass <CIRCUS/carousel> , tapestry <foliage and butterflies; seagulls and wave>, Interpace vault tiles Millard, Denis, Sue, Nancy, John Wallis; Pinton Freres; Gordon ..Aipes? Sheets Papers
Home Savings 459 S Atlantic Blvd Monterey Park CA 1989 Chase Google StreetView mosaic – houses, landscape Marlo Bartels and Astrid Preston
Home Savings 749 El Camino Real and Castro St Mountain View CA 1977; murals March 1978 Chase tapestry, mosaics, painted mural, stained glass circle, sculpture <bird group as per preliminary model with copper and brass> Millard, Sue, Denis, Alba, Brian, Jude, Frank Homolka, John Wallis, John Svenson, Dan Clapp, Larry Ross Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings Corporate Center #16 Newport Beach (Irvine) CA 1979 Northern Savings; nothing there 2012 2 painted canvas murals <children, fish, seagulls, sail boats, rocks and sea> Millard, Sue, Frank Homolka, Brian Worley, Alba Cisneros, Jude, Larry Ross Sheets Papers
Home Savings 9111 Corbin Northridge CA 1986 Chase 2013 triptych history of Northridge from Indian and deer to family orchards to rodeo and community hospital Denis, Sue O’Connor
Home Savings 1595 Grant Ave Novato CA none visible Sheets Papers
Home Savings 270 E 18th St Oakland CA Chase Google StreetView none visible Sheets Papers
Home Savings 225 North Tustin St Orange CA Chase Google StreetView
Home Savings 44495 Town Center Way 92260 Palm Desert CA 1989 OneWest Bank Google StreetView ceramic tile mosaic: ocotillo and palm in oasis; sculpture; painting Marlo Bartels and Eric Johnson; John Svenson; Outhwaite
Home Savings 301 E Colorado St at Garfield Pasadena CA 1957 remodel, Roman elements Sheets, Underwood
Home Savings 860 E. Colorado Blvd at Lake Ave. Pasadena CA 1963 Chase; much taken out; sculpture there 2012 mural, sculpture, mosaic; street treatments Millard, Albert Stewart, Underwood none?
Home Savings 100 Pomona Mall West, later 100 West Second St. (at Garey Ave.) Pomona CA 1963 Chase; threatened though pledge to Tony Sheets to save 2013 mosaic; tower; mural; sculpture – fish Millard, Sue, Denis, John Edward Svenson, Langdon and Wilson Sheets Papers
Home Savings 201 W Second St at Thomas Pomona CA art?
Home Savings 4 West Redlands blvd Redlands CA 1980 Chase Google StreetView mosaic Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude, Frank Homolka, Katie Boesen Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 301 S. Pacific Coast Highway Redondo Beach CA Wells Fargo 2012 mosaic – birds in flight none??
Home Savings 211 W Base Line Rd Rialto CA before Oct 1967 Chase Google StreetView mosaic <grape pickers who were generally full families, including children>…<workers were largely Italian, Mexican, and have remained> .. Interior murals family group and father and daughter riding; light fixtures Millard, Nancy, Sue, John Wallis, John Svenson; Denis “hanging paper” Sheets Papers
Home Savings 6570 Magnolia Ave     92506 Riverside CA 1981 medical supply store permanent; orange grove items Millard, Nancy, Denis, Frank Homolka Sheets Papers
Home Savings 27319 S.Hawthorne Blvd. (near Silver Spur) Rolling Hills / Rancho Palos Verdes CA opening May 8, 1974 Chase; restored; part of CSU Fullerton exhibit 2011 mosaic, sculpture <bronze porpoises (4)>; stained glass; Interpace vault tiles Millard, Denis, Nancy, Sue, John Wallis, John Svenson, Gordon Arpes Sheets Papers
Home Savings 1003 L Street Sacramento CA 1977 Sheets Papers
Home Savings 1950 Arden Way Sacramento CA March and May 1978 Chase Google StreetView mosaic: The River and Gold Rush; painted mural; tapestry; tables; stained glass – 11 small bronze birds as in Tujunga Millard, Denis, Sue, Alba, Brian, Frank Homolka, Jess Gilkerson; Dan Clapp; Jude Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 4741 Madison Ave Sacramento CA 1980 Chase Google StreetView mosaic O’Connor
Home Savings 315 W. Highland Ave at Arrowbend San Bernardino CA 1973 Chase Google StreetView mosaic – horses, pioneers, Indians, Spanish, wagon, railroad; mosaic figures at rear – early CA couple; 24 mosaic circles in upper band of granite; mural – horses roaming; stained glass – Four Seasons/children at play ; sculpture mother and child Millard, (Denis), Nancy, Ed Martinez; Sue, John Wallis; Larry Ross; Gordon Aynes slides; John Svenson Sheets Papers
Home Savings 845 Laurel Ave San Carlos CA 1987 Chase; partially blocked 2013 mural, <trying to combine the “homes” of the historical era that seem to be important in the material from San Carlos. SO far any comment will help for I haven’t gelled on how much to get in such a //sic// freeze-like shape. (Maybe a pure decorative landscape would work.) -photoed Denis, Melvin Wood O’Connor
Home Savings 4650 Mission Bay Dr at Garnet Ave Balboa Park Pacific Beach San Diego CA 1977 Chase 2010 mosaic and mural and sculpture <six figures that cover the general history of San Diego> Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude, Pulani Seabile, John Svenson; Alba, Katie, Michelle, Brian, Valerie Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 2750 Van Ness Ave San Francisco CA December 1976 windows; March 1977 mosaic; April 1977 mural Chase 2010 SF history painted mural; mosaic of CA history and skyline outside; mosaic tables; stained glass – mosaic – a silhouette of the city and Golden Gate, with the 8-9 <historical and symbolic figures>; vault mosaic – ships from Millard, Denis, Sue, Brian, Larry Ross, Pat Berger; Tony Sheets; Alba, Michelle; Debbie; Italy? ; Robert Clements architects; Katie Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 98 West Portal Avenue San Francisco CA 1977 Chase; mural painted over mosaic, painted mural Millard, Denis, Nancy Colbath; Pat Berger; John Svenson; Fred Ashton, John Sheets; Robert Clements, Francis Lis, Carl Troedsson Sheets Papers
Home Savings 532 West Valley Boulevard San Gabriel CA Citibank built; no art? Sheets Papers
Home Savings 1402 Lincoln Avenue San Jose CA 12/1972; opening 1/3/1973 Chase 2011 mosaics – 4 outdoor; sculpture Svenson mother and child; murals – 2 interior Millard, Denis, Nancy Colbath, Sue, John Edward Svenson; Martinez install; Francis Lis Sheets Papers
Home Savings 1300 N Main St at Washington Santa Ana CA 1967 Chase stained glass – children at play; mosaic – Balboa Bay, Industry, family, home building, agriculture, history of Santa Ana in mural; sculpture Millard, Denis, Nancy, Renzo Fenci, John Wallis; Francis Lis; Gordon Aynes photos Sheets Papers
Home Savings 819 N Main St at 9th Santa Ana CA
Home Savings 730 Ocean St Santa Cruz CA 1978 Chase Google StreetView mosaics – townscape of <actual Santa Cruz buildings>; stained glass; wood panel murals Millard, Denis, Sue, Brian, Jude, Alba, Melissa Missy Grossman, John Wallis; Bob Nilsen, Francis Lis, Jess Gilkerson; Nancy Colbath temporary ; mosaic; Sam Patterson wood panels – he from Columbia Showcase? Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 2200 South Broadway, Santa Maria CA 1975 mosaic in frame – birds Millard, Denis, Sue, Brian Sheets Papers
Home Savings 1929 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica CA
Home Savings 2600 Wilshire Blvd at 26th Street Santa Monica CA 1969 New Balance; art present 2014 “pleasures along the beach, swimming, yachting, fishing and beach games. It follows our general theme of trying to express; dolphina soething characteristic of each area in which the branch is located.” glass “contiuation of the theme…pleasures of swimming, beach games, figures with animals, all designed to give a kaleidoscope of beach activity”; fountain “family at the becah” Ellis; “Child with dolphins” Svenson Millard, Denis, Sue, Nancy, John Wallis, Dave Underwood, John Edward Svenson, Richard Ellis Sheets Papers; and O’Connor “Business & People,” Los Angeles Times, December 31, 1964, C7
Home Savings 325 Santa Monica Boulevard Santa Monica CA 5/9/84 removed 2001 mosaic: blues and whites, with seagulls flying, dolphins leaping in the waves, and clouds Denis, Leland Means O’Connor
Home Savings 331 Santa Monica Boulevard; 325 Santa Monica sometimes? Santa Monica CA 1988 removed, building torn down Denis, Leland Means
Home Savings 13949 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks CA Chase 2014 tile mosaic – day begins and day ends at mission Steve Rogers
Home Savings 2398 Sycamore Dr Simi Valley CA Chase no art Sheets Papers
Home Savings 12051 Ventura Blvd. (at Laurel Canyon Blvd.), Studio City CA Jan-69 Chase 2014 mosaic – history of CA/movies; stained glass – kids coming home; panel mural? ; sculpture of fish Millard, Denis, Sue, Nancy, John Wallis, John Edward Svenson; Sam Patterson Sheets Papers
Home Savings 4070 Laurel Canyon Dr near Ventura Studio City CA art? destroyed for other branch?
Home Savings 205 S Mathilda Ave Sunnyvale CA 1986 BBVA Compass bank April 2011, Google StreetView mural traditional Home Savings of America mural theme, that of home and family values. Due in part to the mural’s scale (4½’ height) the specific theme of children and their pets was selected as suitable for development into life-sized figures. Denis, Sue, Franco, Frank Homolka, NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 8905 Las Tunas Drive Temple City CA 1984 Chase 2011 mosaic: children in parade Denis, Sue O’Connor
Home Savings 148 W Hillcrest Dr Thousand Oaks CA 1988 Chase mosaic: poppies and oaks (and removed houses) Marlo Bartels
Home Savings 1535 Tiburon Blvd Tiburon CA Summer 1980 Chase panel, wood inlay design Millard, Sue, Sam Patterson wood and install; Brian, Alba; Lis; Robert Clements architect / Carl Troedsson; then Frank Homolka Sheets Papers
Home Savings 1511 Cravens Ave at El Prado Torrance CA Jan-60 Time Warner 2012 mosaic, sculpture Sheets, S David Underwood none??
Home Savings 2121 Torrance Blvd. Torrance CA February and May 1980 Chase 2012 mosaic: <Rancho San Pedro, Red car maintenance, Family living>; wall hangings Denis, Sue, Jude, Millard fee; Brian slides O’Connor
Home Savings 6589 Foothill Blvd. Tujunga CA March and April 1979 Chase 2010 mosaic and 11 small stained glass windows Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude; Brian images Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 18356 Irvine Blvd Tustin CA Chase mosaic of Victorian house, horse and buggy
Home Savings Peabody and Marshall Vacaville CA 1976 never built? Demolished? “Early California” Millard, Frank Homolka Sheets Papers
Home Savings 24000 Valencia Blvd Valencia CA 1977 new building; artwork removed 2012 mosaic in frame – Millard, Denis, Alba, Jude Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 3400 Sonoma Blvd Vallejo CA 1977 mosaics front and rear Millard, Denis, Sue, Brian, Jude Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 2115 Victoria Ave, later 2075 Victoria Ave Ventura CA Chase 2012 ceramic tile mosaic – Mission, sheep, flowers, wagon
Home Savings 14909 Seventh St Victorville CA Jun-61 medical equipment Sheets, S David Underwood
Home Savings Highway 18 at Kasota Rd Victorville CA 1959
Home Savings 1390 S. Main St. Walnut Creek CA 1981 Chase Google StreetView mosaic Denis, Brian, Alba, Sue, Jude, Richard Ellis; Richard Clements & Assoc; Francis Lis Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 248 Hampshire Rd Westlake Village CA February 1980 mosaic, May 1980 windows Chase Google StreetView mosaic inside: petroglyphs, vaquero/conquistador, San Buenaventura mission?, Stagecoach Inn; stained glass quatrefoils with goats, horses, ponies, deer Millard, Denis, Sue, Jude; John Wallis; Frank Homolka Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 6951 Bolsa Avenue Westminster CA June 1980 final; January 1977 and April 1977 temporary ones Chase Millard, Denis, Sue, Frank Homolka; Robert Kurtz; Brian photo
Home Savings 15625 East Whittier Blvd. (at Santa Gertrudes) Whittier CA 1960, then 1975 Chase 2010 painted mural, sculpture, mosaic<family group and trees> Millard, S David Underwood , Tony, Brian, Gordon Aynes; Denis, Sue, Frank Homolka; Robert Kurtz; Brian photo Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Home Savings 16029 Whittier Blvd Whittier CA art?
Home Savings 21818 Victory Blvd Woodland Hills CA 1989 destroyed 2011; destroyed by 2014 tile mosaic – cityscape and stream Marlo Bartels and Astrid Preston vacant, threatened
Home Savings 3090 (3050) Aventura Blvd Aventura FL 1990 Safra National Bank GoogleStreetView tile mosaic; O’Connor plan “beach scene (maybe Santa Monica)” Richard Haas; O’Connor
Home Savings 9035 Boca Fontana Blvd 33434 Boca Raton FL 1986 Fifth Third Bank GoogleStreetView mosaic: fish and snorklers Denis, Sue, Alba, Jill, Darin O’Connor
Home Savings 7380 Manatee Ave west Bradenton FL 1990 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView tile mosaic: city map, sword, compass rose Richard Haas
Home Savings 25749 U S Highway 19 Clearwater FL 1985? Perenich and Coldwell Banker; covered? GoogleStreetView painted mural: segulls in flight O’Connor
Home Savings 3325 W Hillsboro Blvd Deerfield FL 1986 TD Bank; shows no art? GoogleStreetView galleon and deers? Denis, NOVA Designs? O’Connor
Home Savings 1483 Main Street Dunedin FL 1989 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView egret and pelican over water; city shield? Marlo Bartels; Denis, Sue O’Connor; and
Home Savings 4875 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale FL 1986 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView tower
Home Savings 12370 S Cleveland Ave Fort Myers FL 1986 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView mosaic: text tell history from muddy road to palms; Macgregor Blvd and mention Edison, Hendry, Terry, McGregor, Miles Denis, Sue, Homolka-Gilkerson O’Connor
Home Savings 1701 East Young Circle Hollywood FL 1988 demolished? GoogleStreetView “egrets” Denis, Sue O’Connor – CF Arlington Heights
Home Savings 9899 NE 2nd Ave Miami Shores FL 1986 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView pelicans, boats Denis, Sue, Alba, Jill, Darin, Martita O’Connor
Home Savings 900 Neapolitan Way Naples FL 1987 put on hold
Home Savings 12440 Pines Blvd 33027 Pembroke Pines FL 1988 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView Marlo Bartels
Home Savings 702 N University Dr Pembroke Pines FL 1985? Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView cows in enamel tile mosaic Fox Tile?
Home Savings 3340 N Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte FL 1985 Charlotte Heart & Vascular Institute GoogleStreetView mosaic: Caloosa Indians, cattle, eagles, Seminole Indians, wildlife, shels, ranching, galleons, egrets, black woman, pelicans, fishing, phosphates, palm trees Denis, Sue, Alba, Annie, Pete Knersel? O’Connor
Home Savings 2891 South Tamiami Trail, US Highway 41 Bougainvillea Sarasota FL 1987 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView circus animals, including monkeys, elephants, camels Denis, Franco -Nova Designs, Frank Homolka Jess Gilkerson; Studio MosaicArt Colledani Milan/NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 1901 Alton Road 33139 So. Miami Beach (Alton Rd.) FL 1987 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView mosaic – fish Denis O’Connor
Home Savings 4100 4th Street North St. Petersburg FL 1987 Wells Fargo GoogleStreetView 2 mosaic: dolphins and fish; just dolphins Denis O’Connor
Home Savings 2050 U. S. Highway #1 / 8th avenue Vero Beach FL 1990 tile mosaic Richard Haas
Home Savings 6000 Okeechobee Blvd, Drexel Plaza W. Palm Beach FL 1986 CDA Financial Plaza GoogleStreetView mosaic: polo players Denis, Franco; Studio MosaicArt Colledani Milan/NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 415 E. Rand Rd Arlington Heights IL 1989 Bank of America GoogleStreetView mosaic: “racetrack – horses & jockeys” Denis, Sue; Italian O’Connor
Home Savings 6400 W Cermak Rd (at Ridgeland) 60402 Berwyn IL 1991 Bank of America GoogleStreetView mosaic: theater showing The Ragman with Jackie Coogan; streetscape Denis, Sue, Gina Lawson, Leland Means, O’Connor
Home Savings 6115 S Pulaski Rd Chicago IL 1989 Bank of America Google StreetView mosaic – snow scene, ice skating Denis, Sue O’Connor are these interior? Not there?
Home Savings 1300 Oakton Ave, 60018 Des Plaines IL 1988 demolished? mosaic: “street w/ people in front (brass band)” Denis, Sue, Franco O’Connor
Home Savings 1000 S York Rd Elmhurst IL 1990 Bank of America Google StreetView interior mural “another artist”
Home Savings 1336 Chicago Ave 60201 Evanston IL 1991 Bank of America Google StreetView mosaic – men putting boat into lake; their wagon Denis, Sue, Gina, Kathy, Leland Means, Studio Marble O’Connor
Home Savings 2108 W Jefferson St Joliet IL 1988 Joliet Bank & Trust Google StreetView mosaic – birds; Roger Nelson inside painting of fields Denis, Sue, Roger Nelson O’Connor
Home Savings 8745 N Waukegan Rd Morton Grove IL 1988 Bank of America Google StreetView Denis, Sue, Frank Homolka, Franco O’Connor are these interior? Not there?
Home Savings 1080 S Elmhurst Rd Mt. Prospect IL 1989 Bank of America Google StreetView mosaic of columns Denis, Sue, “others” O’Connor
Home Savings 1301 E Odgen Rd 60540 Naperville IL 1990 Bank of America Google StreetView mosaic: fire company, wagon, bicycles; painted mural; is it mosaic: “volunteer fire dep”? Denis, Sue, Studio Marble O’Connor
Home Savings 4200 W 95th St Oaklawn IL 1989 Bank of America Google StreetView mosaic – RR< family scene, animals, church Denis, Franco O’Connor
Home Savings 15826 S Lagrange Rd Orland Park IL 1988 Bank of America Google StreetView mosaic: pointy trees; children as well? Denis, Sarah, Alba, Katy, Frank Homolka O’Connor
Home Savings 501 N Greenwood Ave Park Ridge IL 1986 Bank of America Google StreetView mosaic: wagon and children O’Connor
Home Savings 5033 Dempster St  Skokie IL 1986 PNC Bank Google StreetView Henry Harmes, children, Market Day, Blameuser’s saloon, baseball team, hardware store, Amelia Louise Klehan doctor Denis, Sue, Jill, Alba O’Connor
Home Savings 6300 S Kingery Hwy Suite 500 Willowbrook IL 1987 mall; unclear Google StreetView mosaic – birds, squirrels, and owl that looks too happy? Denis, Melvin Wood, Franco Merli, NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 1700 Clarkson Rd Chesterfield MO 1991 First National Bank Google StreetView mural: “German immigrant farmers” field of corn Leland Means O’Connor
Home Savings 201 N. Florissant Rd Ferguson MO 1987 US Bank Google StreetView mosaic: figures from Indian to conquistador to train conductor in front of train Denis, Sue; Nova Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 5720 E Bannister Rd Kansas City MO 1986 vacant Google StreetView sculptures Denis; Betty Davenport Ford? O’Connor
Home Savings 321 W Battlefield St Springfield MO 1986 Hawthorn Bank Google StreetView mosaic Denis, Sue, Studio MosaicArt Colledani Milan/NOVA Designs /studio shots — from CA or Italy?// O’Connor
Home Savings 3921 Hampton Ave St Louis MO 1980s Lindell Bank Google StreetView Ford? Sculpture
Home Savings 3727 Frederick St. Joseph MO 1988 Citizens Bank and Trust Google StreetView painted mural: Pony Express Denis, Sue, Rebecca Guzak O’Connor
Home Savings 108-36 Queens Boulevard (at 71 Rd) Forest Hills NY 1989 Commerce Bank Google StreetView tile mosaic of New York horizon, trains; DOC painted mural : bluebirds? Richard Haas; Denis discussed CF in O’Connor Papers
Home Savings 3174 Tremont Rd Columbus OH Jul-84 removed and preserved ceramic tile mosaic: cityscape and state symbols Marlo Bartels
Home Savings 95 E. William St Delaware OH 1989 First Merit Google StreetView “Little Brown Jug harness race” Denis, Sue, Franco/NOVA O’Connor
Home Savings 6280 Sawmill Rd Dublin OH 1989 Diamond Cellar; art removed Google StreetView mosaic: Wyandotte Indian, homesteader, dam, child on horse in cornfield, Victorian lady, University Hall Denis, Sue; NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 150 S State St Marion OH 1987 Huntington Google StreetView mosaic birds sitting on vines frieze over the doorway Denis, Sue O’Connor
Home Savings 1055 W Fifth St Marysville OH 1988 The Bank Google StreetView abstract tiles? Plan of mosaic of townscape Denis, Richard Ewen O’Connor
Home Savings 10721 Preston Rd Dallas TX 1989 Chase? Vacant? Google StreetView map of Texas, rodeo, Exxon Mobil pegasus, more Denis, Sue, Studio Marble O’Connor
Home Savings 12802 Memorial Drive Houston TX 1986 Chase Google StreetView Thundering Horses on the Open Range Denis, Sue, NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 14550 Memorial Drive Houston TX 1986 Chase Google StreetView painted mural: church, farm scene, tractor, trees Denis, Jude Freeman, Kathryn Yelsa
Home Savings 4081 F.M. 1960 West 77068 Houston TX 1987 Chase Google StreetView “rodeo” Denis, Sue, Frank Homolka; Studio MosaicArt Colledani Milan/NOVA Designs O’Connor
Home Savings 10011 FM 1960 Bypass Road West Humble TX 1986 painted mural: oil derrrick, cowboys, longhorns, train Denis, Sue, Kathryn Yelsa O’Connor
Home Savings 2201 N.W. Military Hwy San Antonio TX 1987 International Bank of Commerce Google StreetView mosaic: family group and livestock; H. Lee Hale: “use scenes of early Texas Pioneer cultures (German, English, Irish) overlaid on a background of wild flowers as the subject” – DOC – “No Alamo – Mexicans, etc.” Denis, NOVA Designs O’Connor
Imperial Bank horse sculpture Manchester and Sepulveda Los Angeles CA 1957 extant Horse and Man Millard, Bill Megaw; Al Stewart Sheets Papers
International Pipe & Ceramics Corporation (Interpace) Interpace Pkwy Parsippany NJ 1966 extant mosaic: Four Elements Millard, Denis, Harrison McIntosh, Dora DeLarios, Helen Watson Sheets Papers
James F. McWaters bank building Anaheim CA 1962 S David Underwood Associates
John J. McDermott 655 E. Foothill Ave (once Sheets’s studio and office; now Claremont Eye Association) Claremont CA 1974 extant sign; not done? O’Connor
Jules Stein Hospital UCLA Los Angeles CA Millard, Interpace; Dora DeLarios design
La Quinta Resort 49499 Eisenhower Drive Palm Springs CA Indian woman with flowers
Los Angeles City Hall Annex 200 North Main St. (above entrances at Main and Los Angeles streets) Los Angeles CA 1973 extant 2013 “Family of Man” mural Millard; Interpace Sheets Papers
Los Angeles County Arboretum 301 North Baldwin Avenue Arcadia CA 1960-1963 extant 2014 discussion of entryway, Bauer Fountain Sheets Papers; see also
Los Feliz Inn 2138 Hillhurst Avenue 
Loyola [Marymount] University of Los Angeles Edward T. Foley Hall Los Angeles CA 1966 extant 2014 tapestry – history of communication Millard, Edward Durrell Stone, Pinton Freres in Aubisson; Tony, Denis, Sue, Meston, Martinez Sheets Papers
Lubbock Memorial Civic Center 1501 MacDavis Lane Lubbock TX extant “Tribute to our Heritage” Mural
Lubbock National Bank 4811 50th St Lubbock TX 1959 remodel; 1974?; 1982 <The Fair>; interior mural <farm scene & the farm animals>; Denis, Sue, Jude; Millard, S David Underwood Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
Lubbock National Bank, Court Place 1001 Main St Lubbock TX 1971; 1984 external mosaic; lemonade stand;sculpture Millard, Denis, Sue, Schenk and Schenk; Brian, Edgar O’Connor
Lubbock National Bank, Court Place 916 Main St Lubbock TX 1960; 1971 mural with the culture of the Southwest, Aztecs, more ** ; tapestry; carved glass; was nearby building? mosaic shields; entrance mosaics wild horses, butterflies, lady with irds, harvesting cotton –scanned Millard, Denis, Sue, Martinez installed. Nancy; Betty Davenport Ford Sheets Papers
Lyman’s Restaurant
424 W 6th St
Los Angeles CA 1948 demolished glass mosaic Millard, Ravenna Mosaic Company Ravenna Mosaic mention; LOC Papers for Winold Reiss
Maginnis and Walsh and Kennedy Boston MA Sheets Papers
Malone Ranch Riverside County CA 1966 ? Sheets Papers
Mark Keppel High School 501 East Hellman Avenue Alhambra CA 1939 extant none?
Mayo Clinic, Plummer Building 100 2nd Street Southwest Rochester MN 1953 mural on canvas Millard
McMahan furniture building Cathedral City CA 1964 S David Underwood Associates
McMahan furniture building Rialto CA 1965 S David Underwood Associates
Medallion Restaurant Los Angeles CA 1973 mosaic medallion Millard, Nancy, Denis install; Robert Ahmanson Sheets Papers
Melody Lane 9454 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 1948 puppet room – mural
Mercantile National Bank 1700 Main Street Dallas TX 1958 removed and preserved Millard, Jean and Arthur Ames, Martha Menke Underwood, Sue Hertel, Albert Stewart
Mercantile National Bank 1807 Commerce St Dallas TX 1959; 1965 tapestry removed and preserved Aztec calendar and other mosaic, sculpture of tiger by Stewart, exterior decoration; tapestry Texas Under Six Flags Millard, Jean and Arthur Ames, Martha Menke Underwood, Sue Hertel, Albert Stewart Sheets Papers
Merit Development Company San Francisco CA 1964 ? Sheets Papers
Monument to Democracy never built San Pedro CA never built statue and museums Millard, Albert Stewart, John Anson Ford UCLA
Mt. San Antonio College 1100 North Grand Avenue Walnut CA 1965 mosaic there; murals where? 2012 library murals, Little Joe mosaic Millard, Sue Sheets Papers
National American Fire Insurance 3701 Wilshire Los Angeles CA 1954 demolished for Ahmanson Center firefighting Millard, Sue, Paul Darrow, Ravenna Mosaic Company; Corradini helper
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 400 Michigan Avenue Northeast Washington DC Millard, Ravenna Mosaic Company Sheets Papers
Notre Dame mural (“Word of Life”) 221 Hesburgh Library Notre Dame IN 1964 Word of Life, Touchdown Jesus Millard, Denis Sheets Papers
Pacific Clay Products (later Children’s Aid Society of California) 4th and Bixel Los Angeles CA 1953 interior design
Painter’s Trust Fund Oceanside CA Sue
Pasadena Towers 800 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena CA 1991 Pasadena Towers 2012 tile mosaic fountain and painted mural of working people, rose garden motif Richard Haas
Perino’s Restaurant 4101 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 1948 demolished ? Sheets Papers
Perpetual Savings and Loan Association 9720 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 1966 Ed Durrell Stone, Millard Sheets Papers
Pierce National Life Insurance Company 3807 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 1967 ? Sheets Papers
Pomona First Federal Savings and Loan Association 20 E Foothill Blvd Upland CA 1966 US Bank 2012 “Yesterdays Upland” mural – Mt Baldy, mule cart Millard Sheets Papers
Pomona First Federal Savings and Loan Association (now Chase) 399 North Garey Ave. (at Center St) Pomona CA 1956; 1979 repair AMOCA 2011 mural — history of Pomona Valley Millard, Sue; repair Sue, Alba, Jude Sheets Papers
Pomona First Federal Savings and Loan Association (now USBank) 393 West Foothill Blvd. (at Indian Hill Blvd.) Claremont CA 1969; 1982 US Bank 2014 Millard, Denis, Nancy O’Connor
Pomona Mall 260 East 2nd Street Pomona CA 1962-1964 works restored and visible 2010 Mall and redevelopment project; sculptures Stewart heron and triton; and mosaics in fountains Millard, Denis, Rufus Turner, Jean and Arthur Ames, Betty Davenport Ford, John Svenson, Albert Stewart; Nancy Colbath Sheets Papers
Porter Ranch entry 881 Dover Drive ? Newport Beach CA 1964 demolished estate 2012 statuary: horse Millard, Albert Stewart Sheets Papers
Rankin Aeronautical Academy 20000 Road 140 Tulare CA 1941 extant Sheets
Richard C. Harris never built? Claremont CA 1981 never built? sign O’Connor
Robert C. Wian Enterprises (Bob’s Big Boy) at N. Central Avenue and E. Thomas Road, Phoenix AZ 1954 demolished Millard, S David Underwood
Robert C. Wian Enterprises (Bob’s Big Boy) Phoenix AZ 1954 demolished Google StreetView at N. Central Avenue and E. Thomas Road, Millard, S David Underwood
Robert C. Wian Enterprises (Bob’s Big Boy) 1001 E. Colorado Blvd Glendale CA 1954 demolished executive offices – mosaic Millard, S David Underwood
Robinson’s Company Los Angeles CA destroyed before 1975 Fantasie
San Antonio Plaza fountain San Antonio TX Sheets Papers
San Jacinto Savings Association 905 Main Houston TX 1967 building gone? mural of Battle of San Jacinto; mosaic of San Jacinto monument; part of remodel; also paperweights; one mosaic gold star Millard, Harrison McIntosh, Rupert Deese; John A Sheets; Denis, Nancy Colbath, Bea Cooley, Bertino Sheets Papers
San Jose Mercury News (San Jose Airport Terminal mural) Terminal C San Jose CA August 2-4, 1977 removed and then restored to new intl terminal 2012 mural Millard Sheets Papers
Santa Maria Savings 2200 South Broadway Santa Maria CA 1975 Chase Millard, Denis, Sue, Brian
Santa Rosa Savings & Loan Association 999 Grant Ave at HWY 101 (?) Novato CA 1968 4 mosaic panels; mural Millard, Denis, Nancy, Milton Holmes, Lis; Hakon Hansen Sheets Papers
Santa Rosa Savings & Loan Association 888 Fourth St Santa Rosa CA empty lot? Sheets Papers
Scottish Rite Masonic Temple 4357 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles CA 1961 removed and reinstalled elsewhere by Masons 2014 mosaics and sculptures – Masonic themes and historical figures Millard, Martha Menke Underwood, Albert Stewart; Robert Roller architect; fabricated Amieto Rossi; Paul Paoli Sheets Papers
Scripps College Art Building Claremont CA (date and specifics unknown)
Scripps College President’s Office Claremont CA 1968 tapestry Millard, Sue Sheets Papers
Security First Yale and Second, SE corner Claremont CA 1962 Wells Fargo and Starbucks Sheets, Underwood
Sentinel Savings 1904 Camino del Rio North San Diego CA 1962 demolished S David Underwood Associates
Sequoia Room, Hody’s Lankershim 6006 Lankershim Blvd. at Oxnard St. North Hollywood CA 1950
Sheets home Gualala CA Golden Tree Mosaic for M.S. Denis, Alba, Brian O’Connor
Sheets’s Studio 655 E. Foothill Ave (once Sheets’s studio and office; now Claremont Eye Association) Claremont CA 1956-1960 McDermott office; visible Nov-06 ??
Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children 1651 19th Avenue San Francisco CA 1970 stained glass <leaf design … California’s beautiful small animals and birds>; possibly murals in the lobby Millard, Sue, John Wallis Sheets Papers
South Pasadena Junior High School 1500 Fair Oaks Avenue South Pasadena CA 1929 destroyed by 1935 frescoes – California Civilization
Southern California Edison Company 2244 Walnut Grove Ave Rosemead CA 1973 prints ordered. 4 entrance murals; cafeteria large decoration proposed but not done Millard; Rex Brandt; Phil Dike; Lis; Denis delivery Sheets Papers
Southern California Savings & Loan 9100 Wilshire at Doheny Beverly Hills CA 1970 removed 16 x 13 tapestry; general interior decoration Millard, Pinton Freres Sheets Papers
Southern California Savings & Loan 431 W 5th St; downtown, Philharmonic Bldg Los Angeles CA 1965 never built? mural Millard Sheets Papers
Southwest Lubbock National Bank 4006 82nd St? Lubbock TX 1978; 1982 <series of preset //framed// panels> including earlier <triptych farmers> Millard, Denis, Sue, Tony, Jude Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
St. Francis High School 200 Foothill Boulevard La Cañada Flintridge CA 1957 mural
St. Joseph’s Church E Foothill and N Campus Upland CA not researched Sheets Papers; and O’Connor
St. Paul Civic Center St. Paul MN 1973 I. A. O’Shaughnessey Plaza fountain Sheets Papers
St. Sava Church San Gabriel CA not researched O’Connor
State Mutual Savings and Loan 5th St Los Angeles CA 1935 destroyed by 1975 directors, banking, and president rooms Millard
Sunset Magazine 80 Willow Road Menlo Park CA threatened Dining room mural Millard Sheets Papers
Temple Beth Israel 3033 North Towne Avenue Claremont CA extant 2012 sign with menorah Sue
Thunderbird air school Phoenix AZ 1941 Millard
Travis Savings and Loan Association 501 N. Main San Antonio TX 1966 removed and preserved mural of Alamo Sheets Papers
Truman’s Restaurant and Drive In Wilshire and Westwood Los Angeles CA 1947 demolished ? Sheets Papers
Tyler Bank and Trust 100 East Ferguson Street Tyler TX 1959 mosaic Millard
U.S. Department of Interior building 1849 C Street Northwest Washington DC 1948 four panels on “The Negro’s Contribution in the Social and Cultural Development of America” Millard
UCLA Music Hall Westwood campus Los Angeles CA losing design; commission goes to Richard Haines Millard Sheets; Ravenna Mosaic Company SLU Ravenna Mosaic Company records
United Savings and Loan Inglewood CA 1960 mural; restaurant remodel S David Underwood
United Savings and Loan Westchester CA 1960 mural
Upland Woods housing complex Upland CA 1977 ? Sheets Papers
Valhalla Mausoleum 10621 Victory Blvd North Hollywood CA 1960 mosaic – Faith, Hope
Van Nuys Savings and Loan 6569 Van Nuys Blvd Van Nuys CA 1957 not there 2012 mural on canvas
Victory Savings and Loan 6400 Laurel Canyon North Hollywood CA 1960 mural and grille Millard, Melvin Wood, S David Underwood
Warner Brown Hospital El Dorado AR 1980 extant wood panel; relief mural – Arkansas History Millard, Sue; Richard Ellis, David Sheets, Tony Sheets; Ravenna Mosaic Company – Emil Frei/Richard Frei Sheets Papers
Webb School of California, Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology. 1175 West Baseline Road Claremont CA extant 2012 Alf Museum design and mosaic Denis, Millard, Sue Sheets Papers
Willow Brook Country Club 3205 W Erwin St Tyler TX 1962 mural
YMCA Marengo and Colorado Pasadena CA 1957 Sheets, Underwood


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