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2 thoughts on “Contact and More

  1. Hello Mr. Aranson, Thank you for the work on Home Savings, even if I am a few years out of date I have always wondered about the art and architecture of the bank on the San Francisco Peninsula in particular. I will blow up your map over the holiday and would be happy to provide timeline photos of Cupertino, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Redwood City, and San Carlos at the very least…. are there not any more between San Mateo and SF? I am also fascinated but unfamiliar with your work on urbanism and western expansion. I have a B Arch from Cornell, the Pleistocene era, along with many concentrated interests in arch history, (not academically beyond undergraduate). My most influential prof was John W Reps, and your work, sight so far unseen, reminds me of his seminal URP history on the settling of US cities. Back to Home Savings – 1) If there is any weekend reconnaissance site visits that would help I would be happy to oblige; 2) Did Millard Sheets work with multiple architectural firms, who were the corporate architects? As your research continues I would be curious to find out more the interface of the corporate architecture with this celebrated artist. Thanks for the works so far and happy holidays, David E Zink-Brody, d Z-B design

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