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I am also collecting tips and tricks I have found valuable in shaping my teaching, research, and writing; see the resources below.

Writing, Researching, Teaching: Tips and Tricks

This page is a work in progress, as I collect those tips and tricks I have found valuable in shaping my teaching, research, and writing. I will gather my own advice columns, podcasts, and review essays on these subjects at the top, and then add resources below as I find time.


My Contributions

Overall Great Stuff

  • Robert Boice, Advice for New Faculty Members. Despite the name, this book should be required reading for anyone working to balance a writing project with a “day job.” Based on data gathered for faculty effectiveness, Boice lays out how to manage teaching, publication, and service expectations. See a summary here.
  • • Megan Kate Nelson, Historista blog, 2014-ongoing. On history writing in and outside of a faculty job, getting an agent, and more.



  • Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb, and Joseph Williams, The Craft of Research. Not scintillating, but solid–an exploration of what we do when we research, and how to express those results.
  • William Cronon and HIST/GEOG 932, “Learning to Do Historical Research,” 2008. An excellent website that breaks down the research process–by students, for students at all stages.