At least 12 Home Savings properties slated for sale or demolition

CBRE, which manages the commercial lease on many of the former Home Savings properties (those sold, once upon a time, to Met Life and rented back by Home Savings, Washington Mutual, and now JP Morgan Chase) has listed 11 of these properties for sale:

CBRE Chase lease for sale

My sense is that JP Morgan Chase is staying as a tenant, but it would be a useful time for those in San Francisco, Garden Grove, Sacramento, San Bernardino, and Santa Cruz, in particular, to emphasize the importance of this art and architecture in their community, and to push for its preservation.

In separate news, a second Sacramento branch, in the Arden area, has been slated for demolition; I hope that Arden Way Arcade, Sacramento Modern, and supporters from around the state can advocate for its preservation.


Millard Sheets Studio, Arden Way, Sacramento, 1978; detail of mosaic.

For these and more properties, be sure to check the Definitive List for information about artists and dates.

Please keep me posted about any further developments, and ways that I can help.

Millard Sheets Studio, Santa Cruz branch, completed 1978. Photo from 2017 by Hunter Kerhart.