Cataloging the Home Savings artworks

I have had a chance to rearrange the website.

The list of artworks commissioned by Home Savings of America for its bank branches — murals, mosaics, sculpture and more — plus other work by Millard Sheets and his studiomates has been updated here.

Please keep up the efforts!
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  1. I just discovered your interesting site and can provide some info on the Sherman Oaks Home Savings and Loan art. My brother, Steven Rogers, was commissioned to make these in 1989. They are terra cotta clay tiles ( approx. 2’x 2′ each ) and do indeed represent early California.

    Also, if you are interested in other large commissioned art works in the Los Angeles area, check out the metropolitan water district headquarters building in L.A., next to the train station downtown. Steve made 2 large terra cotta murals, each 12’x 18′ overall, which are mounted on each side to the entrance. This building, and the artwork, were completed around 1989. Absolutely wonderful murals depicting life as sustained by the delivery of water to the Los Angeles basin from the Hoover Dam. Feel free to email me with any questions. Dennis

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