Now living in LA

Hello everyone!

The semester is over, and the sun is out here in West LA — the new home of these blogs!

(We went to the beach yesterday, and did not drive by this mosaic, but we could have. Any news on the building’s status? I hear it is/was between owners.)

Thanks to all those who have continued to comment and add locations to the Home Savings blog, and to those who have expressed interest in the Civil War Era in the American West.

We are still unpacking boxes and getting our coordinates, but I wanted to let you know that new posts will be coming soon — and I will have a chance to check out more sites in the Southland in person, at least during the summer and other school breaks.

More in the days and weeks ahead–

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  1. I drove by several weeks ago and found the site to be in sad shape. Didn’t look like the business there was still in operation. The(former)fountain in front was full of trash and some weeds. The sculptures and mosaic are in good shape, but the building facade looks tired.

    Welcome back and I look forward to meeting with you at some point.

    • Sorry to hear that it was looking shabby; I know Vicki is keeping track of its status.

      I will be in touch again soon, to follow up on emails and comments here…

  2. Welcome to California Adam! look forward to meeting over some beautiful mosaics! I photographed the Santa Monica site – (I call it the Malibu Barbie mural) in January when the cell phone company was still there. it looked great, though they had covered up the gorgeous stained glass inside with large scrims.

    • Thanks! I have not seen the stained glass there — a reason to go by again sooner — though I have seen the glasswork at the marquee Laurel Canyon site.

  3. Hi,
    The Santa Monica building will be a New balance shoe store by the end of the year. New Balance will be moving in from a nearby location, so they know the history of the building and will hopefully be good caretakers.

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